Cosmos III Power Supply Black


Cosmos III Power Supply BlackKies u scherm kleur wit / rood / groen / geelDetails:Input voltage range : 90-240VInput voltage frequency : 50-60HZOutput power range : 0.3W-68WOutput voltage range:3-18v,adjustable outputvoltage accuracy ±0.1V.Outpu...

Cosmos Tattoo Power


1. Fully touch screen ,the screen can be rotated by 180°  2. Strong power,sustainable output current: 3A,fit all machines in market,3. Free to set screen background.4. Android system like smart phone,can loading any APP while wifi be connec...

Lev Tattoo Handswitch in Kleur


Lev Tattoo Power Handswitch Kleur: Zwart, Rood, Blauw, Paars, Lichtblauw, Roze, Goud Materiaal: Aluminium Kenmerk: het kan direct worden gebruikt in elk voetpedaalportaal in uw stroomvoorziening. het is gemakkelijk te bedienen....

AVA Magic Dot Box


AVA Magic Dot BoxMaterial: aluminumColors: Black Speed regulation:slow- fast-regainAdjustable range:0.1 Hz - 150 Hz 1. Turns any machines into a dot machine with a clip cord2. Simple and easy to use Remark: This is not a power supply.&...

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